The Dos And Dont’s When It Comes To Sex During Pregnancy

We all have that one friend who is unbelievably attracted to almost any pregnant woman he sees. I know I have tons of friends who find preggos very attractive and I finally understood the reason when my wife was pregnant for the first time. I knew her hormones would go through the roof but I never realized it could make her so cock-hungry! It seems like she was horny all the time and the freakier things we did, the better!

In my personal opinion, men are attracted not so much to the physical appearance of a preggo, but everything that comes along with it. A huge number of men love watching creampie porn videos and pregnant women can take in loads as much as they want without anything happening! I know I enjoyed giving my wife creampies every time we had sex while she was pregnant!

While doing some research on this subject, I realized that a lot more people were into pregnant women than I anticipated. Also, when I started searching for porn videos with pregnant porn stars, I was completely shocked to find such a HUGE number of videos!

There’s A High Demand For Pregnant Escorts

I couldn’t really accept that this was a thing until I found a lot of London escort reviews about pregnant girls! There are tons of reviews about escorts who were working while pregnant and the comments were out of this world! Their clients were satisfied more than ever and a few of them actually wrote that it was their absolute best sexual experience!

I personally can’t imagine myself having sex with a pregnant woman if I know the child isn’t mine. There’s something about pregnancy I can’t find sexual as other people can, but I can honestly say that having sex with a preggo is absolutely amazing. The only time I had sex with a pregnant woman was when my wife was pregnant and I can clearly remember that she wanted to do everything we never tried before! My best guess that some people have tried this before and want to have the same experience again and again. Unfortunately, not all pregnant women have such a huge sex drive.

You Can Give All The Creampies You Want

One of the best things while having sex with a preggo is definitely the creampie you can give her! When my wife was pregnant, all she wanted was to be filled up completely! Every time we had sex, we didn’t use protection, and every time she wanted to feel my hot semen inside of her!

Creampies are extremely popular now, and it’s one of the most searched terms on porn sites. When people discover they can have as much unprotected sex as they want and finish inside their partner without worrying, it definitely increases their sex drive.

Giving your wife or girlfriend a creampie while she’s pregnant is absolutely alright as long as she’s ok with it. If she doesn’t like the feeling, just don’t do it. When it comes to her health, absolutely nothing can go wrong but not all women like the feeling of semen inside of them.

Don’t Force Your Partner To Have Sex Often If She’s Not In The Mood

One thing about pregnancy is that a woman’s hormones are on a wild roller coaster! There are days when a pregnant woman wants to have sex all the time but there are also days when it’s the last thing that on her mind.

Depending on how far along your partner is, there are also sex positions you can try and some that you shouldn’t do. For instance, when a woman is more than 16 weeks pregnant, it’s not a very good idea for her to be on her back because her uterus can put pressure on certain blood vessels that can make her light-headed or even sick. When her belly is clearly visible, you should focus on sex positions where the belly won’t put pressure on her, like doggy style or cowgirl. This way, she can make herself feel comfortable and keep control over the situation.

If your partner isn’t in the mood for some time, don’t think it’s because of what you said or did, a woman may lose her desire for sex, but it can reappear out of the blue, just like that!

Try Different Sex Positions

Sex with a pregnant woman is basically the same in the first three months of pregnancy because the belly doesn’t start growing that much in this period. If there are some sex positions you wanted to try but still didn’t, the beginning of the pregnancy is a perfect time. Later, you’ll need to be more careful but there are still tons of kinky sex positions you can do.

Sometimes, your girlfriend or wife won’t feel comfortable in a position you both love so you’ll need to experiment and try different things to get sexually satisfied. You can also try different forms of intimacy that include oral sex, spooning, kissing, or just spending some quality time together. You can also watch porn together or visit a couple of sex sites so you can find a way to be sexually satisfied without actually having sex.

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